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Studies about the Bible, Looking for God?

  • Looking for God
  • Basic course: Bible study about the foundations of the evangelical faith
  • Prophetic School: How Do I Know When God Is Speaking to Me?

These studies are offered in Evergem.

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Seminars ​what changes your life

The Family Foundations International seminars are for anyone who desires lasting change in their life, marriage or family. We often see unpleasant and unhealthy patterns in our lives that we don't know why they are there or how we can change them. This ministry is designed to identify deep causes and bring lasting change to these areas. 

There are several seminars, each with a different aspect:

The ancient paths seminar is subtitled in Dutch. 

Topics include:

Communication • Recognize different levels of communication

• Conflict Resolution Purpose and Plan •Overview of God's plan and purpose for the individual…and family

• How to obtain a release of blessing Identity and final destination • 7 crucial moments of blessing

Battle for the soul. •Why I sometimes walk in the flesh •How do I overcome the flesh and walk in the Spirit

Blessing and Curse • Practical steps to deliverance from curse • Personal ministry • Receiving and releasing God's blessing

Other Family Foundations Seminars (These are in English. We are working on subtitles the rest in Dutch.)

Ancient Paths level II 

A follow-up seminar for those who completed the Ancient Paths Seminar. This seminar also includes teaching, sharing, prayer, and small group ministry. • Who has authority • Liberation from shame • Softening the hard heart

How to Overcome Anger - Seminar

This 1-day seminar contains practical, Biblical and life-applicable principles, followed by sharing, prayer and ministry in the small groups.

• The anger circle: why do I do what I don't want to do

• Identify the true cause of anger and frustration

• Taking away the power that people and circumstances have over you

• Three important steps to overcome anger

God's ancient paths for financial success

Craig brings special insight into the concept of “Sparrow Faith.” The teaching shows participants how the world's financial system is driven by what Jesus calls “Mammon,” the force that causes people to trust money instead of God. Education contains 5 basic building blocks to help people 

Courses in English:

Communication in marriage

Courtship (Courtship)

More information:

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